Downloads ... This zip file (13Mb) contains the file idslist-v2.xml (40Mb).

This file is not in strict xml format but should open in Notepad and from there you might copy and paste the whole thing into MS Word.

It contains all the data presented on this web-site.
idslist-v3.docx This MS Word document (20Mb) contains all the data.

It runs to 5,662,159 words and 18,755 pages containing 13,465 distinct items.

For best results start Word first and open the file from there.

It will take some time to load... This ZIP file (37Mb) contains all the data in the form of an MS Access (2007) accdb file (184Mb).

The hope is that this might be the most convenient format for those wishing to export the data to other database systems.